Boccuzzi Home Luxury satin sheets Made in Italy

Boccuzzi Home produces Made in Italy luxury satin sheets intended for the foreign market. Already present in sector fairs abroad, such as in Las Vegas, it aims to expand its markets. To create quality products, you need to have a great deal of experience behind you. Giuseppe Mastrolillo began his work in 1979, at his father’s company which had been producing sheets for generations in Andria, in the Apulian land of olive trees. Carrying on a family tradition, which is focused on product quality, today Boccuzzi Home produces products that are at the top of Italian production quality. An artisan business that represents Made in Italy in the world.

Production of luxury sheets with expert craftsmanship

As we were saying, the artisan history of Boccuzzi Home has ancient roots. Which arise from a history of a generation of craftsmen who dedicate themselves to the creation of bed linen. The company is today a market leader in the mattress accessories sector, where enormous quantities of products are developed. But alongside these processes intended for industry, we also find productions designed for end consumers. Boccuzzi Home produces sheets that are at the top of global production quality. Exclusive high-end products, mainly intended for foreign markets. That is, those markets where Made in Italy is appreciated for its quality.

Boccuzzi Home Luxury satin sheets made with loving craftsmanship

The Italian satin sheets and pillowcases are handcrafted with an extra-long fiber Egyptian cotton yarn that is 100% naturally produced. It is a cotton satin that stands out for its brilliant shine and a silky feel to the touch. A durable and wrinkle-resistant product. It is particularly suitable for bed linen because of its hypoallergenic characteristics. The workmanship is carried out in the precious and exclusive Diamante satin, which takes its name from the precious stone. The sheets and pillowcases are made of 600 thread count satin. It is a sophisticated and one-of-a-kind process.

Boccuzzi Home’s Italian satin sheets and pillowcases are designed and made to last over time. Taking care of the smallest details during their creation. Already present on the US market, they are sheets and pillowcases intended for international customers who appreciate absolutely different quality levels. A product that we really liked. We wish good luck to this company, ambassador of Made in Italy in the world.